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Ignition Coil Replacement
Ignition Coil replacement
Ignition Coil replacement

Professional Ignition Coil Replacement

We offer a comprehensive range of replacement services including Distributors, Ignition Coils, Coil Packs, DFI Modules, Ignition Modules, Ignition Leads, Batteries, crank & cam angle sensors, or simply a set of Spark Plugs, as per your vehicle’s requirements.

Our team can conveniently carry out these replacements on-site at your preferred location. All our work is backed by a 12 Month/20,000km Warranty for your peace of mind.

In addition to replacements, we provide thorough diagnostic services. We can scan your vehicle for fault codes and ensure the ignition system is functioning correctly. Furthermore, we conduct test drives to verify that your vehicle performs optimally when warmed up and operating at its intended temperature.