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Clutch Replacement
Clutch replacement
Clutch replacement

Professional Clutch Replacement

If you need help with your clutch replacement or if you suspect your car’s clutch is not working properly, then don’t worry. Advanced Mobile Mechanics can come to you anywhere in Canberra to get that clutch replacement done for you.
How Much Does a Clutch Replacement Cost?
A clutch replacement can cost between $800 and $2,000, depending largely on the make and model of the car. For 4WDs & performance vehicles, and other exotic cars, the cost can range from $900 to $3,000. The largest expense in a clutch replacement is typically labor, as disassembling and replacing all the clutch components is time-consuming. However, clutches are generally sturdy and only need replacement approximately every 250,000 kilometers, which is roughly once over the lifetime of the car.

If you have recently purchased a car nearing this mileage, it’s a good idea to book a clutch service to ensure everything is working properly. This will give you an idea of how much longer the clutch will last before needing a full replacement. By booking with Advanced Auto, we can come to you and provide a comprehensive clutch service, giving you a clear picture of your vehicle’s health. This is also an ideal time to complete a full car service.

How Does a Clutch Work?

    The clutch system in a car is responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the transmission, allowing for smooth gear changes and controlling the speed of the vehicle. Over time, the clutch may wear out, leading to issues such as slipping or difficulty shifting gears. It’s important to get your clutch inspected and replaced by professionals to ensure optimal performance of your vehicle.

  • Power Transmission: The clutch engages and disengages the engine from the transmission, allowing the driver to shift gears smoothly and control the power transfer to the wheels.
  • Friction Control: The clutch uses friction between the clutch disc and the flywheel to transmit power. When the clutch pedal is pressed, the friction is released, allowing for gear changes.
  • Wear and Tear: Over time, the clutch components may wear out due to friction and heat, leading to issues such as slipping or sticking. Regular maintenance and timely replacement can help prolong the life of your clutch.
We are a trusted name for clutch services in Canberra. If you think that you are having a problem with your clutch, give us a call now at 0402047221 for quality automotive assistance.