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Cooling System Repairs
Engine air cooling system repairs
cooling system repair
The Best Engine Cooling Repair In Canberra

Finding a good mechanic that does a cooling system repairs in Canberra is not easy. An engine can overheat whenever it operates in sweltering weather. However, the risk of overheating goes up considerably if the radiator is low on coolant or there is a leak in one of its hoses. Other possible radiator failures include a malfunctioning thermostat, a mechanical issue with the fan. Or a faulty pressure cap cannot pressurize the system in which result in an overflow of coolant.

Therefore, Advanced Mobile Autocare provides quality engine cooling repair and maintenance service for your vehicles in Canberra region. With over 14 years of experience with all makes and models, we deal with lots of cooling-related issues such as water pumps, cooling hoses, radiators, thermostats, head gaskets, rusty coolants etc. Lots of motorists in Canberra choose Advanced Mobile Autocare to cope with their engine cooling issues not only the good quality work we provide but also our affordable price guarantee to our customers.

Cooling system repairs; engine cooling system repairs canberra; water pump replacement; radiator replacement
Cooling system repairs; engine cooling system repairs Canberra; water pump replacement; radiator replacement
Cooling System Repair Related Common Problems
Cooling system repair could be complicated. General speaks, there are five common problems blow with cooling system repair:
  • Water pump failures: If a water pump fails, it will not be able to circulate coolant through the engine block. It results in an overheating situation. Furthermore, It causes additional engine damage like cracked cylinder heads, pushed head gaskets, or burnt pistons.
  • Leak radiator hoses: A hose leak will usually send a stream of hot coolant spraying out of the hose. A corroded hose connection or a loose or damaged hose clamp may also cause coolant to leak from the end of a hose. However, sometimes the leak may only occur once the hose gets hot and the pinhole or crack opens up.
  • Leak radiators: The leading and most common cause is corrosion in the radiator. Radiators, hoses, and hose connections collect sediment and rust that over time can punch holes in the radiator. In a few instances, weak coolant can be the cause of overheating.
  • Thermostat failures: If the thermostat becomes stuck in the open position, as a result, the continuous flow of coolant into the radiator causing the engine to run cold. The overcooled engines run inefficiently, which leads to increased fuel consumption and higher emission levels and engine parts enduring more wear.
  • Head Gasket failure: If a head gasket has failed between the waterway or oilway and the outside of the engine, the result can be a simple coolant or oil leak.

This may not manifest itself as an immediate problem (other than causing a mess) but if the coolant or oil levels are allowed to drop too far it can lead to serious engine issues.

A failed head gasket can allow combustion gasses into the coolant passages, which may pressurize the coolant system, and cause an external coolant leak from any weak spot in the system. It’s quite possible that the coolant leak may only be noticeable once the engine is up to normal working temperature.

To help diagnose a failed head gasket, special test equipment is available which can ‘sniff’ for exhaust gasses in the coolant. At Advanced Mobile Mechanics, with over 14 years of experience dealt with cooling system repair for all makes and models. Our professional mobile mechanics will spot the problem quickly for you to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Cooling system repairs
Cooling system repairs; engine cooling system repairs Canberra
Why Choose Advanced Mobile Mechanics For Engine Cooling Repair & Maintenance

Advanced mobile mechanics are well-trained and experienced to service and repair the cooling system on all makes and models. Our mobile mechanics are always there for you from small coolant leaks to major engine cooling concerns.

We strictly follow the service and maintenance guidelines for the cooling system, so that you know your car is on good hands. the services include:

  • Check the condition of the cooling system, make sure there is no rust in the system
  • Visualize for coolant leaks, and pressurize the system if necessary
  • Inspect for belts condition for water pumps
  • Repair or service the cooling system if necessary
  • Make sure all the cooling fans work
We’ve strived to make getting the car care you need as simple as possible. Our honest, friendly technicians can advise you on the best possible repairs to keep your car on the road and running safely.