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Advanced Mobile Autocare is a family own mobile mechanic business that offers a onsite car services for all makes and models in Canberra region.
Advanced Mobile mechanics are always happy to answer any questions about the services we are providing. Explaining what it is the wrong with your car and the best way to fix it so the problem doesn’t happen again.
We can also save you money in a variety of ways. Along with lower operating costs, Advanced mobile mechanics will provide you a quote if requested, after carefully examining the problem with your vehicle and determining what is needed to get it back on the road. You can also forget towing fees or having to make do with a hire car thanks to the convenience of having a mechanic come to where it’s convenient for you!
Because of this convenience, you’ll find you are able to make better use of your time instead of waiting around in a workshop for your car to be repaired (and often after they have repaired everybody else’s car as well. When a mobile mechanic is working on your car, you’re free to do whatever you want instead of waiting around. 
Guaranteed and we don’t compromise on quality, we use the best parts and lubricants. With Advanced Mobile Autocare, you will get your car back with comfort as soon as we completed the service/repairs on your vehicle.

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Why Choose Us

With Advanced Mobile Autocare, you’ll get your car back with comfort as soon as we completed the service/repairs on your vehicle. All of our work is guaranteed and we don’t compromise on quality, we use the best parts and lubricants with warranties, so you know your car is safe with us.

  • Mobile Mechanic Convenience
  • Manufacturer Approved
  • Affordable Price Guarantee
  • Quality Parts & Lubricants Only
  • No Work Will Be Undertaken Without Your Approval
  • Transparency
  • Entire Canberra Area

Advanced Mobile Mechanics that Visit Your Home Or Workplace 

The best advantage you can reap from hiring Advanced Mobile Mechanics is we can work anywhere you want them to be, may it be at home or in your workplace while you’re still at work. As long as you have a safe space with a flat surface to work on, our mobile mechanics can carry out their duties and do repairs while you go ahead and continue doing your other primary responsibilities and tasks at home or work. Those days of worrying if your car will ever see a mechanic will soon be over as the mobile mechanic will be the one who’ll go to your vehicle for you. 

Advanced Mobile Mechanics that Come To You If Your Vehicle Broken-Down Somewhere Else 

Perhaps some of you have experienced having car trouble in the middle of nowhere. Because of that, all your duties and appointments during that day were all canceled or delayed, and you had to spend maybe an hour or two to take your car to the nearest auto repair shop. For some, they’ll need to call a tow truck to help them carry their vehicle to the nearest workshop. That experience was so traumatizing some of you swear to never to miss a car maintenance schedule to ensure an incident like that never happens again. 

Fortunately, you won’t anymore have to worry about that. Give our mobile mechanics a call, and our mobile mechanics will make their way out for you and fix your car right on the spot where it last broke down. We diagnose the root cause of the car problem; may it be a flat battery or something even more serious. We’ll also bring our mobile workshop with us, which means we won’t have to recommend you to bring your car to a mechanic shop for a second opinion because we’ll fix the entire issue. Plus, you can save your money by not anymore paying for a tow truck service which is even better! 

Our Mobile Mechanics Carry Out All Services And Repairs On-Site 

We guarantee our mobile mechanics are staffed with certified and experienced to conduct immediate repair jobs for your vehicle, from timing belts to brakes and everything in between. We have all the proper equipment to complete the job regardless of where and when to do it. Suppose there are larger jobs requiring more extensive tools like a hoist. In that case, Our mobile mechanics will honestly inform you about it and organize our workshop appointment for you so these massive repairs can be tackled. 

Our Mechanics Provide Mobile Convenience 

Since mobile mechanics are the ones who’ll make their way to wherever you are, it means it’ll be very convenient for you. You can save your time and energy by bringing your car into a mechanic shop and having to wait a few minutes to an hour while they’re working on it. At Advanced Mobile Mechanics, we’ll meet you up wherever you need us to be. It may be your home garage, your office, or anywhere you last parked your car. Our mobile mechanics will respond promptly to your call and do the necessary repairs no matter where it is. 

Our Mobile Mechanics Keep You On Schedule 

Imagine if mobile mechanics don’t exist. That means whenever you’ll need to have your car fixed or checked for maintenance, you’ll have to take a day off, or at least leave some of your responsibilities behind so you can focus on your car and bring it to a mechanic shop. While that’s good news for your vehicle, that may be disruptive for your schedule. Some may even try to keep up with their schedule by paying for an alternative transportation mode.

That itself is already a hassle and would cause you additional expenses. But at Advanced Mobile Mechanics, you can save yourself from arranging backup transportation and adjusting your schedule just to wait for the auto service.  

Our Mobile Mechanics Offers Affordable Pricing Guarantee 

Compared to some big mechanical shops who usually pay garage cost, our mobile mechanics are much more affordable. We’ll arrive at your given place once you’ve made an appointment with them. That’s why we could easily identify the problem directly, give you an immediate estimate, and fix your car right there and then. In other words, you can save so much money from hiring Advanced Mobile Mechanics rather than bringing your vehicle to an expensive auto shop. 

Our Mobile Mechanics Give Faster Turnover 

It’s common for auto shops to have an appointment basis, in which they’ll only entertain customers who have a pre-appointment. However, even if you have an appointment, you might still end up being in line, especially if plenty of customers are on the schedule for that day, eventually causing you to wait for a few hours to a few days. Luckily, at Advanced Mobile Mechanics, we’ll get to work with your car right away. Make sure you choose our mobile mechanic company that you can call repetitively in the future anytime you need them. 

Top-Rated Mobile Mechanics in Canberra

Now that you know the advantages of hiring our mobile mechanics, it may be time to consider calling us the next time you’ll need your car to be maintained or repaired. The pleasure will be all yours as you get to choose when and where you will want us to fix your vehicle.  

What We Do

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We come to you anywhere anytime.

Hiring a mobile mechanic in Canberra means that you don’t have to deal with the issue of getting your car to a workshop or have it waiting somewhere all day long. As mobile mechanic, we come to your home, business, or anywhere the car is parked and get the job completed quickly and professionally.
With Advanced Mobile Autocare, you’ll get your car back with comfort as soon as we completed the service/repairs on your vehicle. You won’t need to wait until the end of the day or wait for days just to make for car bookings. You’ll deal directly with the mobile mechanic who is doing the repair. They can answer any question of your car with confidence.
All of our work is guaranteed and we don’t compromise on quality. We use the best parts and lubricants. Our fully qualified Mechanics / technicians will come to your work home or office. They equip with all the latest technology and have years of experience. We constantly upgrade our equipment to suit the latest and different vehicles.
At Advanced Mobile Autocare, we promise to go above and beyond to provide you with the best possible mobile car repair service available in Canberra. 

What Our customers say

Myette Leversage
Myette Leversage
"Great quality service with strong communication, looking forward to calling again when in need."
Manson Shen
Manson Shen
My friend recommends to me and I'm very happy with Sean !
Barton Shen
Barton Shen
Fast reliable affordable professional 100% satisfaction
Eunice Fu
Eunice Fu
If you're after a mechanic who can come to your door and you can trust then here is the best place. Cheers boss
Victor Shen
Victor Shen
Sean went totally above and beyond the service ! Shout out to Sean !
Victor Shen
Victor Shen
Wow such an amazing service. The mechanic is prompt and professional. You are assured to have 100% care . Credit to the boss !
Professional service, I think They are the best
Will Gardner
Will Gardner
Sean is a complete professional and the only guy I trust with my cars. Have been getting service and repairs with him for years and he always gives fair price and never over sells. Highly recommend.
Michael H
Michael H
Wonderfull person, very professional and quick response