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Transmission Repair
Professional Transmission Maintenance & Repair In Canberra
Professional Mobile Mechanics in Canberra offer comprehensive transmission repairs on both manual & auto include DSG transmission. A transmission is a machine in a power transmission system, which provides controlled application of power. It plays a crucial part of the vehicle that needs a schedule service to keep it in good running order. However people always think that only an oil filter and oil change is a proper “service”. But a vehicle is a complicated piece of equipment, made in thousand of different parts and electrical components, lubricated by several different fluids to keep it running. Therefore, Advanced Mobile Mechanic also can do a scheduled transmission service on your vehicles when your car is in need.
Do You Really Need To Change The Transmission Fluid?

There are many fluids that run throughout your vehicle, but one of the most important to keep track of is the transmission fluid. Whether or not you should change it is not a matter of debate: Yes, you should. But how often this service should be performed varies by manufacturer and vehicle, and it’s open to debate.

The manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for many automatic transmissions doesn’t call for fresh fluid until 160,000 kms or, with some Ford transmissions, even 240,000kms. On lots of the BMW transmissions claimed is “life time use.” That is way too long and that it should be done at least every 100,000kms. Manual transmissions require more conventional gear oil rather than automatic transmission fluid and tend to be on a different maintenance schedule, so it’s best to consult the service intervals in the owner’s manual.

Like other vital automotive fluids, transmission fluid deteriorates over time. Hard use — such as frequent stop-and-go city driving, hauling heavy loads and trailer towing — will accelerate the deterioration. That kind of driving raises the transmission’s operating temperature, and heat puts more strain on the transmission and the fluid. Unlike engine oil, which is primarily a lubricant, transmission fluid serves as both an oil and a hydraulic fluid that helps facilitate gear shifts, cools the transmission and lubricates moving parts.

How Often Do You Have To Change Transmission Fluid

The typical transmission service interval is 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Don’t forget to check the fluid level between the fluid change intervals. Letting your car run low on transmission fluid can cause the transmission to shift improperly— or not at all. It also can harm the internal parts of your transmission, which are not being properly lubricated. Unfortunately, you may not hear any noises or have other clues that your transmission is low on fluid until it’s too late.

Manual Transmissions: Most vehicle manufacturers recommend a transmission fluid change between every 50,000 to 100,000 kms. The problem is fluid contamination which occurs over time as the synchronizers, bearings and gears in the transmission wear out. The resulting metal particles then float around in the lubricant. Oil that contains microscopic particles of metal does not lubricate as well as clean oil. So if these contaminants are not drained out, they will shorten the life of your transmission.

Automatic Transmissions: A fluid change for automatic transmissions can vary from every 60,000 kms to possibly never. Because more heat is generated in an automatic transmission, automatic transmission fluid actually degrades and breaks down with use. It also becomes contaminated with worn bits of the transmission.

Why Choose Advanced Mobile Mechanics For Transmission Repairs
Advanced Mobile Mechanics have up to date equipment that does all late models Auto & Manual transmissions. Whether from a comprehensive transmission service to a major transmission repairs. Advanced Mobile Mechanics can do it all with a reasonable price
  • Over 14 years experience in all makes and models
  • Up to date equipment that help us in terms of repairs & diagnostics
  • Auto & Manual gearboxes
  • Mobile convenience for any transmission services & breakdowns
  • Cost effective
Advanced Mobile Mechanics are a trusted name in transmission repair. Whether it is the 4 speed autos, CVT transmissions, DSG, or Manual gearboxes. We can repair or service any of your car components in accordance to you needs.