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Holden Service
holden car service
holden car service

Introducing Advanced Mobile Autocares, your trusted solution for premium auto service and repair in Canberra. Say goodbye to the hassle of bringing your vehicle to a shop – our team of highly skilled technicians is prepared to come to your location at your convenience. We specialize in delivering top-notch service and repairs for all makes and models, including the full range of Holden vehicles, ensuring comprehensive care for your prized possession.

Boasting extensive experience, our mobile mechanic fleet ranks among the most reputable locally. We excel in servicing a diverse array of cars, from beloved mainstream models to high-end and specialty automobiles, covering the entire spectrum of Holden models like Commodore, Barina, Astra, Trax, and more. When our experts arrive at your designated spot, rest assured they bring with them only the finest quality components and materials, including top-grade fluids and consumables, to guarantee premium service for your vehicle.

To underscore our confidence in the quality of our work, we extend a standard 12-month/20,000 km nationwide warranty, covering both labor and parts. As our esteemed customer, you’re automatically covered for a full year or up to 20,000 km across the entire country for all our vehicle services, encompassing both the service and the parts and consumables we utilize. Unlike other providers, we respond to warranty calls promptly and without hesitation. Simply make a reservation with our dedicated customer support team, providing them with the details of your work, and one of our highly skilled and solution-oriented mechanics will promptly attend to your mechanical needs. Your contentment with the service received and the performance of your car are paramount to us.

Holden car service in Canberra
Holden car service in Canberra

Upon completion of your warranty service, our professional and courteous customer care team will reach out to ensure everything meets your satisfaction. When you opt for our fleet of mobile mechanics for your next service or auto repair, rest assured that our skilled and knowledgeable technicians are sourced from a nationwide network, all trained to uphold the same high standard of service.

Routine maintenance is pivotal in preserving your vehicle’s optimal performance. This includes tasks such as replacing worn-out components, including filters, to ensure peak efficiency. Moreover, it affords your mechanic the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive check of crucial areas like your brakes and steering, ensuring they remain in impeccable condition. Any potential issues unearthed during a routine service will be promptly communicated to you. Should further work be necessary, we’ll promptly provide a quote, ensuring complete transparency in the process. When you’re ready to proceed, we’ll efficiently carry out any required repairs.

In search of skilled, reliable, and seasoned auto mechanics for your Holden Servicing in Canberra or Td Cars vehicle’s routine log book service? Your quest concludes here! We possess the proficiency to handle a wide array of repairs and services, offering a standard warranty for these jobs, valid for either 12 months or 20,000 km, whichever comes first. Additionally, we are fully mobile and adaptable, ready to come to the location of your choosing whenever you require our services. This warranty encompasses every facet of our work, be it the clutch cable, alternator, or starting motor installations.

Holden car service in Canberra
Holden car service in Canberra

Rest easy knowing that entrusting us with the servicing of your new vehicle won’t jeopardize the seller’s statutory warranty, regardless of whether it’s a Bentley, Asia Motors, Chrysler, or any Holden vehicle. The choice of service expert is entirely yours, and our qualified team of mechanics will ensure that all maintenance is carried out precisely in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. This ensures that your new car warranty remains intact, with the added assurance of our standard warranty.

Our entire fleet of vehicles is attended to by certified mechanics with years of experience handling both commonplace and high-end makes and models. Our customers have opted for the convenience of scheduling a visit from one of our mechanics to a location of their choosing, avoiding significant disruptions to their schedules. You have the freedom to select the time and place that suits you best, with the booking process taking just a few minutes. Schedule an appointment for your next Holden Servicing in Canberra or repair using our online form, available around the clock, six days a week.

Holden car service models
  • Holden Acadia
  • Holden Adventra
  • Holden Apollo
  • Holden Astra
  • Holden Barina
  • Holden Berlina
  • Holden Calais
  • Holden Camira
  • Holden Caprice
  • Holden Captiva
  • Holden Cascada
  • Holden Colorado
  • Holden Combo
  • Holden Commodore
  • Holden Crewman
  • Holden Cruze
  • Holden Drover
  • Holden Eh
  • Holden Ej
  • Holden Ek
  • Holden Epica
  • Holden Equinox
  • Holden Fb
  • Holden Fc
  • Holden Fj
  • Holden Frontera
  • Holden Gemini
  • Holden Hg
  • Holden Hj
  • Holden Hk
  • Holden Hq
  • Holden Hr
  • Holden Ht
  • Holden Hx
  • Holden Hz
  • Holden Insignia Vxr
  • Holden Jackaroo
  • Holden Malibu
  • Holden Monaro
  • Holden Nova
  • Holden Rodeo
  • Holden Spark
  • Holden Statesman
  • Holden Suburban
  • Holden Sunbird
  • Holden Tigra
  • Holden Torana
  • Holden Trailblazer
  • Holden Trax
  • Holden Vectra
  • Holden Viva
  • Holden Volt
  • Holden Wb
  • Holden Zafira