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Signs You Need To Service Your Car Air Conditioning System

To keep the air conditioning of your car functioning normally, you will need to get it serviced from time to time. But if you are wondering how you can understand when you should get this done, this blog can give you some ideas. Here, we will be specifically looking at some of the signs that will give you a hint that you need to call in technicians to get the air conditioning system repaired.

Weak Flow of Air

The first sign that you need to book a car air conditioning service is if you notice weak airflow. This is an indication that the entire AC system is malfunctioning. Typically, this type of problem occurs when and if the blower motor stops working properly. However, clogging of the air filters can cause various issues as well. So, call in professionals and get the system inspected. If they find any of these, they will perform repairs and reinstate the performance of the air conditioner.

Flow of Warm Air

The second indication that you need to call in a mechanic is when the air conditioner of your car is blowing out hot air. Generally, it happens due to certain issues that include low refrigerant levels, compressor malfunctioning or a leakage anywhere in the system. But no matter the cause, you should call in the technicians so that they can diagnose the source of the problem and fix it so that you can enjoy cool air.

Strange Noises

The next sign that indicates a problem with the air conditioner in your car is when it creates strange noises during operation. If you hear grinding or squealing noises or even rattling sounds, rest assured that comprehensive servicing will be needed. The technicians will inspect the cause of these noises since they are mainly caused by loose belts, a worn-out compressor, or trapped debris in the vents.

You should not ignore these noises since they can worsen over time and can even damage the entire air conditioning system. You should book the mobile car air con service provider on time to get the issue solved.

Foul Smell

Another important indication that you need to get the air conditioning system of your car repaired is if you notice a foul smell from the vents. If it is coming while the AC is turned on, it is an indication that there is mould or mildew growth inside. These are mainly fungal growths that need to be removed. Otherwise, they might pose significant health risks. But if you call the technicians on time, they will inspect and remove the mould to reinstate the flow of fresh air.

Refrigerant Leakage

The fifth important indication that you need to hire a company that offers mobile air conditioning service for cars is when the refrigerant is leaking. This substance helps in the car AC functioning process. It absorbs heat from the air and cools it before circulating it back into the cabin. However, if you notice fluid underneath your parked car or a reduction in cooling performance, it can be a refrigerant leak that needs to be fixed.

If you find any of these 5 signs, do not waste time. Get an expert technician who can fix the issues so that you can get cool air throughout the car.

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