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Water Pump Replacement
Water Pump Replacement
Water Pump Replacement

Professional Water Pump Replacement

If you need help with your Water Pump Replacement or if you suspect your cooling system is not working in your car or overheating, then don’t worry. Advanced Mobile Mechanics can come to you anywhere in Canberra to get cooling system repairs done for you.
How does a water pump work in a Car
A car water pump is typically driven by the engine’s crankshaft or timing belt and uses impeller blades to circulate coolant from the radiator through the engine block, absorbing heat, and then returning it to the radiator to be cooled again, thus regulating the engine’s temperature.

How much does a water pump cost?

Replacing a water pump can be a costly affair, typically ranging from $450 to over $1000. Accessing the water pump requires our mechanic to dismantle several components of your vehicle’s cooling system. Therefore, it’s often more prudent to replace all the parts once the water pump fails.

While the individual costs of these parts may be relatively low, labor expenses can escalate depending on the complexity of accessing the pump. To mitigate long-term labor charges, it’s advisable to consider replacing additional components such as the fan, radiator, drive belt, heater core, heater tap, radiator cap, and radiator hoses.

Our mechanic will assess your vehicle and provide a detailed quote before commencing any work, ensuring transparency and your comfort with the expense. All our automotive parts and labor are covered by a 12-month/20,000km warranty, offering assurance of service quality.

Entrust your car’s water pump replacement to Advanced Auto for a seamless and reliable servicing experience.

Several symptoms can indicate a bad water pump in a vehicle

  • Coolant Leak: A leaking water pump may cause coolant to leak from the front of the engine or underneath the vehicle. You may notice coolant pooling under the car or see streaks of coolant on the engine block.
  • Overheating Engine: TA failing water pump may not circulate coolant effectively, leading to engine overheating. If you notice your engine temperature gauge rising above normal or see warning lights indicating overheating, it could be due to a malfunctioning water pump.
  • Whining or Grinding Noise: A worn-out or damaged water pump may produce unusual noises such as whining, grinding, or rumbling. These noises typically occur when the bearings inside the pump are failing.
  • Steam from the Engine: If the water pump fails completely, coolant may not circulate through the engine properly, causing it to overheat rapidly. In severe cases, this can result in steam coming from the engine bay.
  • Low Coolant Level: If the water pump is leaking, it may cause the coolant level in the radiator and reservoir to drop. Check the coolant level regularly, and if it consistently requires topping up, it could indicate a leak from the water pump.
We are a trusted name for water pumps replacement in Canberra. If you think that you are having a problem with your cooling system, give us a call now at 0402047221 for quality automotive assistance.
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