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Kia Service

Is your cherished Kia ready for its next pampering session? Allow us, at Advanced Mobile Autocare, a trusted family business rooted in Canberra, to lead the way in elevating your mobile auto service and repair experience. Our seasoned technicians are well-versed in a diverse array of car models, including the extensive Kia lineup. Whether it’s the routine TLC or a more intricate task like the delicate dance of clutch cable or alternator replacement, we bring the perfect blend of expertise and precision right to your doorstep.Renowned locally for setting the bar in excellence, our mobile mechanic fleet boasts an unparalleled level of hands-on experience. From the perennial favorites like the Kia3 and Kia CX-5 to the more upscale and specialized models, we navigate the intricate mechanics of each with a level of insight that’s as premium as the components and materials we employ, ensuring your vehicle receives nothing but the highest quality of care.

At Advanced Mobile Autocare, quality reigns supreme. When our adept professionals arrive at your selected haven, trust that your vehicle is stepping into capable hands. We bolster this trust with an industry-standard 12-month/20,000 km nationwide warranty that encompasses both labor and parts, providing you with a comforting embrace of peace of mind and an assurance in our unrivaled workmanship.

Regular servicing stands as a vital ritual in preserving your vehicle’s optimal performance. Beyond the usual suspects of replacing worn components and replenishing fluids, our meticulous mechanics conduct a symphony of comprehensive inspections to detect potential hiccups in their earliest whispers. This proactive approach is instrumental in maintaining the virtuoso performance of your Kia.

Booking a service with us is a go to a well-choreographed overture, seamless and hassle-free. Our online form, available around the clock, grants you the power to schedule your next appointment at your own tempo. Moreover, our seasoned mechanics keep you in the loop, ensuring a harmonious process by keeping you abreast of their estimated arrival time.Among the shining stars in our Kia constellation are the Kia Grand Carnival, Kia Carnival, and Kia Stinger. Our seasoned technicians, armed with extensive experience across a diverse spectrum of car makes and models, consistently deliver a symphony of top-tier service.

We take immense pride in the virtuosity of our work, offering a standard warranty on all services and repairs for a span of 12 months or 20,000 km. This encompassing shield covers an orchestra of tasks, from the rhythmic beat of battery replacement to the seamless dance of drive belt replacement and timing belt kit installation. Entrusting us with your new car services doesn’t mean compromising the seller’s statutory warranty obligations; it means harmonizing both.

According to the Trade Practices Act, you’re the maestro in choosing your service provider for new car servicing. Dealers cannot wield a baton of influence, and here at Advanced Mobile Autocare, we stringently adhere to manufacturer’s specifications, safeguarding your new car warranty while extending our own additional standard warranty, crafting a symphony of trust.

With a robust fleet of mechanics, Advanced Mobile Autocare doesn’t just service; we compose a masterpiece of professional, detail-oriented service for your vehicle. Dive into the sonnet of testimonials from our satisfied clientele to secure the crescendo of the best and most competitive car service quote available.