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Breakdown Services
Emergency Car Breakdown Service In Canberra

Advanced Mobile Mechanics offer emergency breakdown service in all Canberra ACT region. We have over 14 years experience, we come to you whenever you need us with confidence!Being a mobile mechanic on the road, we diagnose all different sort of car problems from all makes & models, from minor problems battery replacement to major problems engines or transmission repairs.

Call Out For No Starts & Emergency Breakdown service

One of the most common problems we deal with day to day basis is no vehicle start. It would be very frustrated if your vehicle left you stranded helpless on the side of the road or at your place. Car towing can be very expensive and time consuming. From waiting around for the tow truck to figuring out where to get it dropped off. Then give us a call, we will come to you! Our comprehensive breakdown service include:

  • Battery replacement
  • Diagnosis problems
  • Starter motors
  • Alternators
  • Broken Drive belts
  • Cooling issues
Call Out For Fuel Recuse
It is not uncommon that people put the wrong fuel in their vehicles. At Advanced Mobile Autocare, we do at least twice a month relate to wrong fuel correction. If it happens to you that wrong fuel is put into your vehicle, please do not start the engine, give us a call, our professionial mobile mechanics will be there to rescue you.
  • Lowering Fuel: If you find yourself running low on fuel anywhere in Canberra. Don’t panic, pull over safely, and give us a call, Advanced Mobile Mechanics can come to anywhere in Canberra for you.
  • Wrong fuel: It is not uncommon that people put wrong fuel in their cars. We do at least once a month for correcting fuel on their vehicles for customers. If it happens to you. Please don’t start your vehicle, give us a call, our expert team from Advanced Mobile Autocare can come to anywhere in Canberra, weather is petrol in diesel or versa visa, we can drain the fuel, clean the fuel system, and put the correct fuel in for you to get you going again.
Why choose the Advanced Mobile Mechanics for your any emergency breakdown service

Perhaps some of you have experienced having car trouble in the middle of nowhere. Because of that, all your duties and appointments during that day were all canceled or delayed, and you had to spend maybe an hour or two to take your car to the nearest auto repair shop. For some, they’ll need to call a tow truck to help them carry their vehicle to the nearest workshop. That experience was so traumatizing some of you swear to never to miss a car maintenance schedule to ensure an incident like that never happens again.

Fortunately, you won’t anymore have to worry about that. Give our mobile mechanics a call, and our mobile mechanics will make their way out for you and fix your car right on the spot where it last broke down. We diagnose the root cause of the car problem; may it be a flat battery or something even more serious. We’ll also bring our mobile workshop with us, which means we won’t have to recommend you to bring your car to a mechanic shop for a second opinion because we’ll fix the entire issue. Plus, you can save your money by not anymore paying for a tow truck service which is even better!

Advanced Mobile Autocare has been dedicated in automotive industry over 14 years, here are some reasons why motorist in Canberra trust our mobile mechanics when it comes to car breakdowns:

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Transparency
  • Cost effective
  • Mobile convenience
  • Experienced mechanics
  • Towing is available if needed
Give us a call and we won’t left you stranded helpless on roads, we will be there for you.